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    Who Needs SpeechMod?

    We focus on regulating accents that may be affecting work performance or day-to-day communication for non-native English speakers. We know that strong accents can hinder the ability to be understood you don’t have to let your accent stop your intelligence and thoughtfulness from coming through in conversations and workplace interactions.

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    You should work with SpeechMod if:

    People have a hard time understanding your speech

    You find yourself frequently repeating yourself to be understood

    You’re part of the HR team at a company that employs non-native speakers to interact with native English colleagues or customers, and you’d like to help with their professional development

    You avoid social or business conversations because you have trouble communicating

    You understand the pain of not being understood, and experience frequent communication breakdowns

    You want colleagues or customers to hear what you have to say, without being distracted by how you’re saying it

    We believe that being understood enriches lives.

    Our skilled speech pathologists are specifically trained in accent modification and focus on improving the sounds and rhythm of your speech. 

    Our program targets:

    • Accented sounds
    • Syllable stress
    • Speaking rate
    • Conversational speech
    • Idioms
    • Contractions
    • Intonation
    • Voice projection
    • Public speaking

    The ability to be understood and to communicate is an invaluable skill at work and in social situations. Clear communication is vital to participating fully in life, feeling valued and meeting your personal and professional goals. With SpeechMod, you can improve your ability to communicate with others and put those goals within reach. Varieties of speech patterns and a range of regional accent variations are part of what defines a rich, varied culture. At SpeechMod, we don’t work to change these things – we wouldn’t want to.