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    Contact us today to discuss your unique situation and set up a comprehensive assessment, so that we can recommend your most effective next steps.

    Comprehensive Assessment

    Your one-on-one evaluation with a speech-language pathologist includes a 45 to 75 minute evaluation, at the instructor’s discretion. You’ll receive a written report and prioritized goals for individual coaching sessions covering Consonants, Vowels, Coarticulation, Word Stress and Rhythm. 

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    Comprehensive Assessment Plus

    This includes all of the Comprehensive Assessment services, as well as one results/goal-development session and four customized 30-minute one-on-one accent management sessions tailored to your primary goal.

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    Additional Services

    Private Accent Management Coaching Sessions

    30-minute sessions with a speech-language pathologist including practice exercises and example recordings.

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    Presentation Prep

    One-on-one coaching for your upcoming professional or educational presentation.

    • Practice professional communication skills
    • Get feedback on grammar and clarity, and English accent management
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    Comprehensive Re-evaluation

    A one-on-one re-evaluation that includes pre-post test comparisons with full written report.

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