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    How Does SpeechMod Help Me With My Accent?

    You have most likely heard of “Accent Reduction” or “Accent Modification” - a systematic approach to pronouncing words with a new accent.

    Accent Reduction / Accent Modification / Accent Management – What is it?

    You have most likely heard of “Accent Reduction” or “Accent Modification” – a systematic approach to pronouncing words with a new accent. More specifically, accent reduction courses in the United States work with non-native speakers to help them pronounce English closer to American English. Is accent reduction different from accent modification? – In reality, “No.” They are two terms used to mean the same thing.

    A newer term, “Accent Management”, involves more than “accent reduction” by systematically looking at all of the aspects of communication that are involved when interacting with other professionals. Accent management coaching looks at communication as a whole with listeners, co-workers, and the climate of the company. While professionals who participate in accent management coaching are already moderately proficient at the English language, there are times when their rate, rhythm, technical vocabulary, or interference from grammatical rules in the primary language.

    Certified and Licensed Speech-Language Pathologists Coaching You

    Unfortunately, there are ESL programs on the internet that advertise that “you can get rid of your foreign accent.” For $24.95 or some undisclosed amount, you can watch videos, use software, or participate in self-study to eliminate your accent and use a “standard American Accent.” The websites are quite convincing with their testimonials and client logos or lists of companies with which they work. The bad news is that most “accent reduction” companies are out there to make a quick buck and take advantage of your vulnerability. Almost all of these companies are exploiting the market and need for help with being understood at work and in social situations. However, almost all of them have one standard course with non-certified, unlicensed coaches following a manual that is not individualized to clients and leaves clients confused at best and broken at worst.

    If you are a corporate or medical professional on an upward trajectory in your career, don’t make the mistake of hiring a company that follows a “cookbook.” If you are looking for the BEST option, rather than a cheap option, SpeechMod has done the work for you. We have assembled the most qualified and experienced team, combined with an approach with proven results. Our SLPs draw from years of experience with sound production (place, manner, and voicing) and speech fluency (rate and rhythm). We are also experts in language (phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, and pragmatics). We don’t rely on a particular workbook. Our SLPs provide a custom program to meet your needs.

    All of our coaches are certified by the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) and licensed to practice speech-language pathology. “Why do I care about credentials of my coach?” you might ask. Certified and licensed speech-language pathologists (SLPs) have master’s degrees at minimum. Further, they are bound by the ASHA Code of Ethics to be fully trained in all areas of practice and to hold the client’s best interest at the heart of every decision and every session. State licenses to practice are in place to protect the public by making sure all licensed individuals have completed coursework, practica, and continuing education requirements. We are experts in communication.

    Research-Based Assessment and Coaching

    Objective, Evidence-Based, Structured – every step of the way! ASHA’s Evidence-Based pyramid illustration is a quick way to understand that Evidence-Based Practice involves the intersection of the current, best research or evidence, the SLP’s clinical expertise, and the client’s or patient’s values. All three must be considered when making decisions. Our coaching sessions start with your individual scores from our research-based assessment. We share scores and results with you to customize goals and priorities. You get results based on metrics for your industry, not just testimonials put there for marketing.

    Being score-based and evidence-based allows us to be:

    • Reliable
    • Honorable
    • Direct

    “What’s in it for me?” you might ask. The answer is easy. SpeechMod’s approach provides:

    • Better outcomes for you
    • Prevention of bias and discrimination at work
    • Fair evaluations of communication skills for employers